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Thai farm bags honours for healthy innovations at expo 

A Thai product manufactured by Khaoyai Panorama Farm has received the gold medal at the annual International Invention & Trade Expo organised by the World Invention Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA) in London.

The international innovation competition also serves as a platform to exchange ideas from around the world in order to build strong and practical research and development networks.

The award-winning farm product, branded IMMU, is a longan and lingzhi mushroom syrup with healthful properties like antioxidants and antibiotics.

The syrup contains no chemicals, additives or stimulants. Since longan has less sugar than many other fruits, it also ranks low on the Glycemic Index.

According to Professor Pornanong Aramwit of Chulalongkorn University, the IMMU longan and lingzhi mushroom syrup helps enhance the immunity system of consumers without any side-effects on their liver and kidneys.

This year, competitors from 58 countries participated in the expo. IMMU also won the Diamond Special Award, which is selected from the highest score of the gold medal award.

Another Thai product bagging the honours was the IMMU Mushroom Essence with Luo Han Guo, which bagged the silver medal.

The highly beneficial essence draws from seven different types of mushrooms grown in one of the best ozone sources of the world in the Khaoyai Mountain. The Linus Pauling Institute stated that polysaccharides in the lingzhi mushroom help strengthen the immunity system and remove toxic particles from the body.

Research in Japan also supports the fact that organic germanium of the lingzhi mushroom will convert into an electric charge after consumption, which can help rebalance the body’s electricity and also tackle toxic chemicals and residual metals from foods.

The product’s sweetness comes from Luo Han Guo, a Chinese herb 250-300 times sweeter than sugar that generates no calories.

Published : September 27, 2019

By : The Nation