Sun, August 07, 2022


MEA launches AC cleaning service to help environment

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has launched a special cleaning service for air-conditioners as part of its efforts to combat global warming and pollution.

The programme offers professional air-conditioner cleaning service at only Bt300 per unit for users of the MEA Smart Life application.
Phasuk Sampunnachote, director of organisation relations, said that the MEA, as a state enterprise, is responsible for providing electricity-related services with focus on promoting electricity users’ safety and reducing the impact on the environment. It will launch the “AC cleaning against global warming 2020” programme next month to prepare for the upcoming summer. “During summer more people will use air-conditioners for longer hours, which could lead to accumulation of dust and germs in the filters of AC units,” she said. “Air-conditioners need to be cleaned regularly for sanitary reasons and prevention of respiratory diseases, not to mention that a properly maintained AC will consume less electricity and produce less heat compared to ones in poor condition.”
The MEA has suggested that people clean their AC at least twice a year and adjust the temperature to 26 degrees Celsius to save electricity.
“The campaign will start from March 3. Interested persons can register via MEA Smart Life Application, which is available for both iOS and Android devices at,” she added. “To be eligible, you must have used e-payment service via the application at least once from October 31, 2019 to March 3, 2020. The programme is offering limited cleaning services -- a total of 25,000 units -- with a maximum of four units per household.”
Phasuk has also urged people to beware of individuals who claim to be MEA representatives and offer to provide cleaning service for air-conditioners which might cause damage due to their inexperience. “Registration for the MEA programme is via MEA Smart Life application only and not available elsewhere. If you find someone pretending to be an MEA representative, please contact MEA Call Centre on 1130, which is available 24/7,” she added.

Published : February 29, 2020