Fri, August 19, 2022


Boost EV sales with trade-in incentive: Auto industry

The motor industry is asking the government for clear policies to spur electric-vehicle (EV) adoption in Thailand, including a subsidised trade-in scheme.

Suwat Supakandechakul, president of the Thai Automotive Industry Association, said that despite increased interest among local consumers, sale of EVs in Thailand has remained stagnant.

He blamed a lack of clear government policy regarding tax subsidies and other incentives to help drive growth in the EV market.

“Many automakers have said they are ready to increase their EV production in Thailand,” Suwat said.

He added that bringing down the EV price to make it more competitive against conventional vehicles would make electric cars more appealing to consumers.

Suwat also called on the government to revive its policy of trading in an old car for a new EV, which he said would help boost domestic demand.

Widespread use of environmentally friendly EVs would also help ease the problem of PM 2.5 pollution affecting many areas of the country, he said.

Acknowledging that availability of pure EVs remains limited, he suggested that the trade-in arrangement should also apply to new vehicles like hybrid electrics and plug-in hybrids.

“They are certainly better than conventional cars in terms of PM 2.5,” he said.

Published : February 12, 2022