Thu, August 11, 2022


No hype! Thai brands go viral with promise of ‘ordinariness’

Tired of all the hype from advertisers promising paradise if you buy their products?

You are not alone, judging by the latest big trend in Thai advertising campaigns.

Brands are going viral with Facebook adverts showcasing the “ordinariness” of their products – defying Thailand’s obsession with luxury and exclusivity.

The trend took off on Friday when Thai apparel manufacturer Double Goose flew in the face of advertising wisdom by showcasing its "ordinary" shirts for ordinary people's needs.

Thai shoe manufacturer Nanyang quickly jumped aboard the honesty bandwagon, replying that its shoes were "ordinary" as well.

On Saturday, Origin Property added real estate to the snowballing trend.

"We understand your lifestyle amid the ups and downs of work and living. We also understand that ordinary people want places to rest," it posted, before promising:

"You can experience unordinary relaxation in ordinary condominiums and houses with unordinary room layouts here."

Real estate rival SC Asset, with plans to build 40 billion baht’s worth of houses and condos this year, quickly joined the race to connect with the “common” man and woman. Ordinary people were “special” to the company, it posted on Facebook.

The new trend was hailed as proof of Thai marketing executives’ ability to think outside the box to connect with consumers online.

Published : May 08, 2022