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Supercars distributor frets over Bt700m worth of lost business because of DSI probe

Seree Chinabarramee, president of Niche Cars Group, has complained that the country’s leading distributor of supercars has suffered a Bt700-million in lost business opportunities caused by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI)’s delayed inspection of its 83 vehicles over the past two months.

The DSI is checking dealers of luxury cars for evading duties after a scandal broke out.
Seree said he didn’t want to sue the DSI but wanted officials to speedily conclude the probe so his business could go on as usual.
Seree told a press conference on Friday that his firm has been importing luxury brands for more than 30 years and dutifully paid taxes and duties as per Customs Department requirements and never had any problems. 
The DSI on May 18 seized 83 cars from the company’s premises including those belonging to customers who brought them there for repair or resale on suspicion that they were falsely declared or stolen, he said. 
“Such accusations are very sensitive. This is the first time we’ve ever had this problem. I still feel sad and I regret customers’ loss of confidence in the company, which has been hard earned throughout the years,” he said.
It has been almost two months now, he said.
Customers have been told that they could take their cars out if they sign an agreement with the DSI not to sell the car or cause any damage, but since they could be fined Bt15 million, they didn’t dare to do it.
The company would soon send documentation to the DSI. 
The lower price of the company’s Lamborghinis was due to bulk purchases, he added.

Published : July 14, 2017

By : Angsuma Sridokkham The Nation