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SATURDAY, September 24, 2022
Tougher screening for public transport drivers

Tougher screening for public transport drivers

FRIDAY, February 16, 2018
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Beginning on March 1, applicants for licences to drive public transport will have to submit a medical certificate in a form approved by the Medical Council of Thailand.

The Department of Land Transport announced this week that the aim is to standardise its processing and increase efficiency in screening out people with health conditions that prohibit them from driving.

Tougher screening for public transport drivers
Department director-general Sanit Phromwong said the application would contain one section for listing illnesses and prior driving accidents and another for a physician to provide diagnostic details and certify the absence of disability and mental or physical illness that might affect driving ability.
The afflictions of particular concern are elephantiasis, tuberculosis, leprosy, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Tougher screening for public transport drivers
Most hospitals already use this form, Sanit said, and other facilities can download a sample from the Medical Council’s website (
Licensed drivers with afflictions not yet regarded as prohibitive to driving under Thai law who have accidents because of their affliction could still lose their licence, Sanit warned.