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Fruit board sets new guidelines for efficiency

The Fruit Board has announced its management guidelines for 2020, focusing on more specific production information in line with market demand to facilitate self-management and appropriate production volume in each province, said, adviser to the agriculture minister.

  The new policy will solve problems found in several provinces, promoting the use of technology and knowledge to improve the quality of fruits to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standard.
  Alongkorn said the balance of demand and supply needed to be adjusted by the Ministry of Agriculture which would be responsible for fruit quality, sales and supply volume.
 The Ministry of Commerce would take care of marketing, distribution and seek new markets. 
  The Ministry of Commerce has targeted India as a potential market, to be  promoted via both offline and online platforms.
  The adviser added that the problem of over-supply had to addressed, given that farmers can sell their produce over 30 per cent of budget plus profits.
  Larger supply of fruits are expected from the northern region this year, including  699,815 tonnes of Longan, lychee 33,873 tonnes as well as 599 tonnes each of durian, mangosteen, rambutan and longkong. 
  Produce such as durian that can not be exported to China currently, will be turned into processed, frozen products.
  The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a long-term development plan (2021 – 2027) for the fruit sector, under four strategies: Enhance efficiency of management and quality of products, expand the competitiveness with technologies and innovations, encourage farmers and agricultural institutions,  and manage resources for sustainability in an  environmentally friendly approach, said Alongkorn.

Published : February 05, 2020

By : The Nation