Thu, August 11, 2022


Sudarat backs protesters, tells government to stop intimidating them

Pheu Thai Party MP and chief strategist Sudarat Keyuraphan expressed her support to pro-democracy youth and demanded that the government desist from using its authority to threaten or intimidate the protesters.

She posted a supporting message on her Twitter account, saying that she agreed with the three demands they have voiced; of ending the intimidation of people who voiced their opinion, dissolve Parliament, and rewrite the Constitution.
The only way to resolve the conflict was to comply with the protesters' demands and rewrite the charter for a better future.
Sudarat also expressed her concern for the safety of the students since some people might want to exercise dictatorial powers to create violence.
Chaturon Chaisang, former deputy prime minister and chief strategist of the defunct Thai Raksa Chart, said that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was trying to use his tongue to get out of hot waters by offering words of compromise to the protesters while his government continued to threaten them.
Meanwhile, Pheu Thai spokesperson Anusorn Eiamsaard said that the government’s time was running out and Prayut had to decide carefully when he should step down.

Published : August 14, 2020

By : The Nation