Fri, August 12, 2022


32 Pheu Thai MPs vow to stand by student protesters

Several Pheu Thai Party lawmakers pledged to support pro-democracy student protesters and have offered to provide bail in case they are arrested.

Somkid Chuakhong, a Pheu Thai member of Parliament from Ubon Ratchathani and deputy president of the Committee on Administration at the House of Representatives, said on Friday (August 14) that the committee president and Pheu Thai MP from Nakhon Phanom Phaijit Sriworakhan had tasked him with monitoring the protests of pro-democracy students and the public that are taking place in Bangkok, the North and the Northeast regions.
“Myself and 31 other MPs will stand with the protesters to ensure their safety, and will prepare our salary certificates to pay bail money in case any of the protesters are arrested,” he said.
The list of 32 MPs:
Somkid Chuakhong, Kriang Kantinan, Anudit Nakornthap, Chuwit Pitakpornpanlop, Karun Hosakul, Somying Buabut, Jirayu Huangsub, Warasit Kantinan, Aekkachai Songamnatcharoen, Ratthakit Phaleepat, Praphusak Jintawet, Danai Mahiphan, Piyawat Pansaichua, Boonkaew Somwong, Thanakorn Chaisakul, Chanok Janthathong, Saran Timsuwan, Phakawat Srisurapol, Sayam Hatthasongkro, Natthawut Kongjandee, Thassanee Buranupakorn, Ongart Wongprayoon, Phananat Sri-insut, Wan Yubamrung, Anusorn Panthong, Theerarat Samretwanich, Suphaphorn Khongwutpanya, Chirathat Kraidecha, Chakkaphol Tangsuttitham, Wanniwat Somboon, Kitthanya Wajadee, Jiraphorn Sinthuphrai.

Published : August 15, 2020