Tue, August 16, 2022


Netizens roast dog meat business

The Facebook page of a business entity claiming to sell dog meat triggered an uproar on social media, especially among dog lovers.

This week, a page named “Nuea Ma Tae Sakon Nakhon by Wittaya” (The real dog meats of Sakon Nakhon by Wittaya) was set up. The business' FB page claimed that it had over 300 dog meat items and several grades of the meat for sale. The meat prices range from 50 baht to 4,000 baht per 200 grams.

The page also claimed that some premium dog meats were imported from foreign countries, five times a week.

The business came under attack from social media users, particularly dog lovers, who oppose the idea of dog consumption. However, some netizens believed the so-called business was a prank. Many others questioned the reliability of the claims, as “Sakon Nakhon” figures in the page name but when local authorities checked the location of the business, they could not find it in the province.


Published : September 25, 2021