Sat, August 20, 2022


Close eye on crude oil prices, as cost of biodiesel in Thailand drops to 30 baht per litre

The Energy Ministry is closely monitoring the price of crude oil because even though it dropped recently, it is still volatile and at a high level, ministry spokesman Sompop Pattanariyankool said on Monday.

He reiterated that the Energy Policy Administration Committee had decided on November 24 to reduce the proportion of biodiesel formula of B20, B10 and B7 to 7 per cent or only B7 for four months from December 1. This change brought the price of diesel down to 28 baht per litre, though the premium diesel remains unchanged.

Sompop added that the ministry is trying to keep the price of diesel below 30 baht per litre to ease the burden on people and help the economy move forward. He added that the ministry will continue closely monitoring the situation and will tackle it when it rises again.

Published : November 30, 2021