Sun, August 07, 2022


Venus shines at its brightest on Tuesday night

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) has posted pictures of Venus as the planet shone at its brightest for the last time this year on night of Tuesday (December 7).

In a facebook post on early Wednesday morning, NARIT said Venus was clearly visible last night next to the crescent Moon on the western side of the horizon. “Thanks to the clear and cloudless sky, Thai people can see it from almost all regions, except for some areas of the South that are experiencing monsoon weather,” it said.

“Venus will shine brightest when it orbits at suitable distance from Earth,” said the post. “The next time it will shine will be on February 9 of next year on the eastern side of the horizon, before the Sun rises.”

Venus shines at its brightest on Tuesday night

Venus is the brightest planet and the second planet in the solar system. It is called both the morning star and evening star because people can see the planet for a short while before sunrise or after sunset.

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Published : December 08, 2021