Mon, August 08, 2022


New automatic toll system introduced to ease Bangkok’s traffic woes

Bangkok motorists are being urged to register for M-FLOW, an automatic toll fee collection system, which will do away with toll barriers, allowing a continuous flow of traffic.

The system will be launched on February 15 on Motorway No 9 or Kanchanaphisek Ring Road (Bang Pa-in – Bang Phli) covering four checkpoints, name Thap Chang 1 and 2 and Thanyaburi 1 and 2.

“Using a video tolling system enabled by AI technology, M-FLOW can accurately detect the licence plates of passing vehicles and register the toll,” the Department of Highways said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“Motorists can speed past toll booths at a maximum speed of 120 km/hour, and this will facilitate a traffic flow of up to 2,500 vehicles per hour. M-FLOW is about five times faster than the current toll booth system and is compatible with four-wheeled and larger vehicles,” it added.

Motorists can pay their toll via credit cards, bank transfers, M-Pass/Easy Pass account, online banking, ATMs, banks or counter services.

Visit or download the M-FLOW mobile application and follow the instructions to register.

Applicants are required to provide a valid mobile phone number, ID card, vehicle registration document, and a photograph of the front of the vehicle. If the registrant is not the vehicle owner, then a proxy letter from the owner is required.

The Department of Highways and the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) have been doing a test run of the system on parts of Motorway No 9 since late last year and plan to expand it to other expressways and intercity highways soon.

Published : February 04, 2022