Thu, August 11, 2022


Buffalo stud sells for record-breaking 6.5 million baht in Chonburi

A big, strong, vibrant three-year-old buffalo stud called “Chao Thongsuk” was sold by his owner for 6.5 million baht on Friday in one of the most expensive buffalo transactions in Thailand.

Chaiyan Poolpattanasap, owner of Chaiyan Farm in Chonburi, had initially wanted 7.5 million for the 1.68-metre tall, 1.1-tonne stud, but agreed to bring the price down by 1 million.

The buyer Somphong Sombathom, owner of Livestock Semen Production Centre in Maha Sarakham, said he had bought the stud for breeding.

The price tag on Chao Thongsuk was high because he had won the latest National Buffalo Festival, as well as royal cups in Sakon Nakhon and Phetchabun.

Chaiyan said he had bred some 10 buffaloes for these contests and had sold one for 3.5 million baht in 2020. He added that more people should go into breeding buffalos because the investment is only about 10,000 baht but the returns can be in hundreds of thousands or even millions of baht.

Somphong, whose farm has some 40 buffaloes and 60 cows, said he has had his eye on Chao Thongsuk for about a year now and managed to finally negotiate his price down to 6.5 million baht.

Published : February 26, 2022