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SATURDAY, October 01, 2022
Privileges for motorists who register for M-Flow

Privileges for motorists who register for M-Flow

WEDNESDAY, March 02, 2022

The Department of Highways is offering privileges for motorists who register for the M-Flow expressway/motorway payment system.

More than 130,000 motorists had registered for the smoother M-Flow after it officially opened on February 15.

Motorists who now register via or the mflowthai mobile application can use the motorway twice for free and get a 20 per cent discount on the toll fee for three months. The privilege is capped at 100,000 motorists.

M-Pass users who register for M-Flow will receive a 100 baht discount when using the expressway/motorway.

Meanwhile, those who register for M-Flow via @mflowthai Line official account will receive a 60 baht discount e-coupon for use at 7-11 convenience stores. This is capped at 50,000 motorists.

The Department of Highways will continue offering promotions that benefit registrants, the department said.

For unregistered motorists who have already paid a fine after using M-Flow and not paying on time, the department will refund the fine depending on the payment method, such as by credit or debit card, between March 1 and 7. Anyone who has not received a fine refund can request one at or via the mflowthai mobile app.

For inquiries or more information, contact call centre 1586 extension 1, @mflowthai Line official account or the M-Flow Facebook page.

The department also confirmed that unregistered motorists can use M-Flow tollbooths and pay fees until March 31. After that, they need to pay the toll fee within seven days or face a fine ten times the amount.

The department is asking M-Flow users to pay toll fees in time to avoid fines.

For updated information, visit or contact 02 206 3789.