Sat, August 20, 2022


Stuck canine rescued just in time

A stray dog was saved in the nick of time when a rescue volunteer managed to free its head from a plastic jar.

A woman in Chonburi’s Sattahip district spotted the dog on Saturday and immediately called rescue workers to help the poor animal.

The dog, an abandoned Thai breed, is black and white in colour and believed to be about two years old.

The animal, obviously terrified, would not let anyone near him. However, the rescue worker managed to lure the dog with food and caught him so he could cut off the jar. The operation took about an hour to complete.

The rescuer said that though the rescue operation was difficult, it was fortunate that they got to the dog in time, otherwise the poor animal would have suffocated to death.

He suspects the dog was hungry and was tempted by delicious smells from the jar.

Stuck canine rescued just in time Stuck canine rescued just in time

Published : April 04, 2022