Thu, August 11, 2022


Let’s Go Halves co-payment scheme may not see Phase 5

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The Finance Ministry is reconsidering the necessity of launching another phase of the “Khon La Khrueng” (Let’s Go Halves) co-payment scheme because uses up a lot of money and only boosts spending for a short time.

“With the economy starting to recovery steadily, a fifth phase of the Khon La Khrueng subsidy may not be necessary anymore,” Finance Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith said on Friday. “The ministry will instead focus on promoting job opportunities to boost people’s purchasing power instead of giving away free subsidies, which can only boost spending temporarily.”

The Let’s Go Halves scheme sees the government covering 50 per cent of bills for food, drinks and basic necessities of up to 150 baht per day when paid via the Pao Tang application at participating shops. The fourth phase of Let’s Go Halves capped total subsidy at 1,200 baht per person and runs from February 1 until April 30.

Arkhom added that the government still has 70 billion baht left from the second loan of 500 billion baht it took to deal with the Covid-19 situation, but the ministry will spend that sum carefully based on necessities.

The minister also added that he expects government revenue to meet the target for this fiscal year, adding that it has already exceeded the target in the first six months of fiscal 2022 (October 2021-April 2022).

Published : April 22, 2022