Thu, August 11, 2022


End of diesel subsidy will not affect public bus fares: authorities

Bus fares will not be increased once the government stops subsidising diesel and removes the 30-baht per litre price cap from May 1, the Department of Land Transport said.

“The department will find other measures to help reduce the operational costs to ensure public transport operators can continue providing services after next month,” department director-general Jirut Wisanjit said on Friday.

He added that so far no bus operators have contacted the department to discuss the lifting of the 30-baht price cap on diesel. “Operators can file an appeal to adjust their fares at the Central Land Transport Control Committee. However, they should wait until the price of diesel stabilises to submit details of the operational cost,” he said.

“Most importantly, factors that warrant raising public transport fares could come from many aspects apart from the cost of fuel,” he added.

Bus companies running regular public transport routes cannot raise their fares without approval from the Central Land Transport Control Committee. Violators can face up to 50,000 baht in fines and have their permits revoked. However, operators of non-regular routes and tour buses can adjust their fares based on market mechanisms, provided the fare is agreed upon by passengers first.

Published : April 23, 2022