Thu, August 11, 2022


Policeman who killed doctor at zebra crossing released on bail

A police lance corporal, who was sentenced to slightly over a year in jail for a fatal road accident while riding a bike, was released on bail on Monday after he appealed against the verdict.

The Criminal Court released Norawich at 2pm after setting his bail at THB200,000. The convict’s father, a police officer, and Norawich’s commander used their police ranks as guarantee for his temporary release.

Norawich was the chief of a unit of the second company of the first subdivision of the Protection and Crowds Control Division. He was speeding on his Ducati bike when he crashed into Dr Waraluck Supawatjariyakul, an eye doctor, at a pedestrian crossing on Phya Thai Road in January.

After the court gave him a jail term, the Royal Thai Police announced he would be fired from service.

Norawich declined to speak to reporters after being released on bail.

Norawich’s lawyer, Sonthaya Noicharoen, said the court had sentenced Norawich to one year and 15 days and declined to suspend the jail term because he was riding a motorcycle without a licence plate.

Sonthaya said the order to revoke his licence should have five-year period but he would check with the authorities later.

Sonthaya said the defendant was sorry for what happened and accepted the ruling but he decided to appeal for a lighter sentence because he had been trying to atone for what had happened.

Natthapong Chinawong, the lawyer of Waraluck’s parents, said the parents were pleased with the ruling. The verdict would be cited in two civil cases against the Royal Thai Police and Norawich and against the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, demanding compensation of THB72 million in each case.


Published : April 25, 2022