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SATURDAY, September 24, 2022
You can now drive at a max 120kph on three more highways

You can now drive at a max 120kph on three more highways

WEDNESDAY, May 04, 2022

The Department of Highways has announced that the maximum speed limit will be increased to 120 km per hour on three more highways from May 1.

They are:

1. Highway No 4 (Khao Wang-Sa Phra) in Phetchaburi, from Km marker 160+000 to marker 167+100, and from KM marker 172+000 to marker 183+500.

2. Highway No 9 (Bang Khae-Maha Sawat Canal) in Bangkok, from Km marker 23+400 to marker 31+600.

3. Highway No 35 (Na Khok-Nam Daeng) in Samut Songkhram, from Km marker 56+000 to marker 80+600.

The department raised the maximum speed limit to 120kph on selected routes since April 1 last year, starting on Highway No 32 (Asia Road, Bang Pa-In-Ang Thong).

The move aims to bring about a smooth flow of traffic while ensuring road users’ convenience and safety.

On September 1, 2021, six more highways were added to the list of routes that allow the 120kph max speed limit. They are Highway No 1 (Pathum Thani), No 1 (Nakhon Sawan), No 2 (Nakhon Ratchasima), No 32 (Sing Buri), No 34 (Samut Prakan), and No 304 (Chachoengsao).

The speed limit for each type of vehicle on these routes are:

> Vehicles with less than 7 seats: maximum 120kph

> Vehicles in the rightmost lane: minimum 100kph

> Passenger vehicles with over 7 seats but less than 15: maximum 100kph

> Vehicles with more than 15 seats or weighing over 2,200 kilograms: maximum 90kph

> Tricycles and tow trucks: maximum 65kph

> General motorcycles: maximum 80kph

> Motorbikes with engines of 400cc or more: maximum 110kph

> School buses: maximum 80kph.

However, in case highways/roads have traffic signs indicating the maximum speed, motorists must abide by the limit.

For more information, contact DOH hotline 1586 or visit