Wed, August 10, 2022


Rayong oil spill victims seek overdue compensation

More than 200 people gathered at Mae Ram Phueng Beach in Rayong province on Friday to demand compensation for the January 25 oil spill.

The demonstrators said that they had not received the compensation they deserved, claiming that many unaffected people had already been paid.

Star Petroleum Refining Plc, which operates the underwater oil pipeline off Map Ta Phut Bay in the eastern seaboard province, has paid more than THB50 million to people affected by the oil spill caused by leakage on the night of January 25.

The oil spill spread to some coastal areas of Rayong, including Mae Ram Phueng Beach.

At their protest site on Friday, the demonstrators hung placards with messages accusing the company of being unfair in paying compensation.

Rayong oil spill victims seek overdue compensation

Sarinthip Thapmongkolsap, chairwoman of the Koh Samet Tourism Association in Rayong, said that she had joined the rally to seek “fair treatment” from the company regarding the compensation.

“Today, people are gathering to call for fair treatment under the principle of good governance,” she said.

Also, she asked for rehabilitation of natural resources and the environment in Rayong’s seas following the damage caused by the oil spill.

Meanwhile, Thanisara Pongsuwan, a 32-year-old vendor who sells papaya salads, said many vendors like her affected by the oil spill at Mae Ram Phueng Beach were yet to receive compensation.

“We were directly impacted, as oil residues were swept onto the beach,” she said.

Published : May 13, 2022