Thu, August 18, 2022


Digital lottery sales soar past 5m in war against overpricing

Digital lottery tickets for the June 16 draw were almost sold out on Sunday after more than 5 million were snapped up via the Pao Tang application.

A total of 5,085,230 tickets had been sold via the digital system, which was launched this month to combat the problem of ticket overpricing.

“Of the 5,173,500 digital tickets made available, only 88,270 are left and we expect these to be sold out today,” said a spokesperson for the committee tasked with tackling overpriced lottery tickets on Monday.

She added that 10,347 vendors with lottery quota were qualified to sell their tickets via the Pao Tang app. The online tickets went on sale on June 2 at a fixed price of 80 baht. The app has recorded a total of 1,220,176 lottery transactions, with an average purchase of 4.16 tickets per person.

The digital lottery platform was launched after all other measures failed to prevent overpricing.

Authorities have urged the public not to buy from vendors who sell tickets for more than 80 baht.

They can also report overpricing to the Government Lottery Office at (02) 528 9999, available 24/7, with a reward of 1,000 baht offered for every tip-off that leads to successful prosecution.

Published : June 06, 2022