Tue, August 16, 2022


Diesel price to hit THB35 per litre from Tuesday

The Oil Fuel Fund Executive Committee on Monday agreed to raise the diesel price from 34 baht to 35 baht per litre from Tuesday.

Wisak Watanasap, director of the Oil Fuel Fund Office (OFFO), said the adjustment reflected the rising global diesel price due to Europe’s sanctions against Russia coupled with demand from China as its economy opens.

The OFFO reported the Oil Fuel Fund is 91 billion baht in debt — 54 billion baht from subsidising diesel and 36.5 billion baht from subsidising LPG. The fund has around 11 baht billion of liquidity left and is seeking to borrow 30 billion baht to improve that position.

Current retail prices of diesel are:

Hi-premium B7 diesel: 45.36 baht per litre

Hi-premium S B7 diesel: 46.36 baht per litre

B7 diesel: 33.94 baht per litre

B10 diesel: 33.94 baht per litre

B20 diesel: 33.94 baht per litre

Published : June 13, 2022