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SATURDAY, September 24, 2022
Vacancies for over 400 Thai nurses in Saudi Arabia

Vacancies for over 400 Thai nurses in Saudi Arabia

MONDAY, June 20, 2022

Thai women can register for 404 nurse positions in Saudi Arabia that offer a monthly salary ranging from 30,000 baht to over 100,000 baht.

They can register from June 24 to July 4, the Labour Ministry said on Sunday.

The move is among the positive results from the upswing in bilateral ties between Thailand and Saudi Arabia since January this year ending a freeze in diplomatic relations for nearly three decades.

Riyadh cut trade and diplomatic ties with Bangkok after the so-called Blue Diamond affair, following theft of jewels by a Thai worker from a Saudi palace in 1989 followed by killings of Saudi representatives in Thailand.

Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said two Saudi Arabian companies, King Fahad Medical City and Bright Medical Company, will recruit 400 and four nurses, respectively.

He explained that the employment period of each position is two years and it can be renewed.

"Employers will pay employees the first flight ticket to Saudi Arabia, accommodation, transportation to and from accommodation and workplace, medical expenses and health insurance in line with each company’s policy," he explained.

He said the registration for 404 nurse positions in Saudi Arabia is the second time after the registration for 309 positions, including 300 nurses and nine technicians, between June 15 and June 23.

"Apart from the increasing demand for nurses, this registration also requires a variety of nurse practitioners, while employers are ready to provide monthly salaries based on registrants' experience," he said.

He added that this is a good opportunity for Thai nurses to apply for jobs, which is in line with the Labour Ministry's policy to promote employment among all groups of Thais to enable them to generate income and improve their quality of life.

Meanwhile, Department of Employment director-general Pairoj Chotikasatien said registrants must be women aged between 20 and 60 years, able to communicate in English and must have obtained at least a bachelor's degree in nursing.

He said the available nurse positions are:

  • Nurse manager, 20 positions, monthly salary of 8,135 and 11,824 riyals (74,400 and 108,100 baht), 10 years' experience for bachelor's degree and four years for master's and doctoral degree
  • Head nurse, 30 positions, monthly salary of 6,145 and 8,320 riyals (56,200 and 76,100 baht), nine years' experience for bachelor's degree and six years for master's degree
  • Charge nurse, 50 positions, monthly salary of 5,155 and 6,978 riyals (47,100 and 63,800 baht), seven years’ experience for bachelor's degree and four years for master's degree
  • Staff nurse 1, 200 positions, monthly salary of 4,320 and 5,850 riyals (39,500 and 53,500 baht), five years’ experience for bachelor's degree and two years for master's degree
  • Staff nurse 2, 100 positions, monthly salary of 3,625 and 4,423 riyals (33,150 and 40,450 baht), two years’ experience
  • Nurse, four positions, monthly salary of 4,200 riyals (38,400 baht)

"Those interested can apply for the jobs at Provincial Labour Offices nationwide, as well as Overseas Employment Adiministration Division at Social Security Office Area 3 in Bangkok’s Din Daeng district during working hours," he said.

He added that employers will conduct interviews of eligible registrants online.

For more information, contact Labour Ministry's hotline: 1506 press 2 and Department of Employment's hotline: 1694.