Thu, August 11, 2022


Singer demands explanation from THAI over pet dog’s death

A heartbroken Thai singer, who is popular in China, is demanding an explanation from Thai Airways International over the death of her pet dog during a flight from Bangkok to Shanghai.

The singer, Mimi Promwilai or Mimi Lee, posted on her Weibo account on June 25 that she had looked forward to seeing her pet dog, Melody, only to find that he was dead upon arrival from Bangkok aboard a THAI flight that day.

Her post has been shared over 28,000 times and received over 479,000 reactions and over 15,000 comments.

“Thought it would be a happy weekend, thought I would be happy to be reunited with my dog. However, they just thought that the reality was much colder. I was already on the way back, typing this series of words with trembling hands, about the experience of the day,” Mimi said in the post.

“Melody boarded the plane after a series of inspections and epidemic prevention-related procedures. Since last night, I had been looking forward to seeing him again after two years.”

She said she went to the Shanghai airport in the morning to wait for her dog to pass through the Customs clearance but Customs officials found the dog dead when it was handed over to them.

Mimi said she had tried but failed to contact THAI officials both in China and Thailand.

She said officials at the airport speculated that the dog had died apparently because it was transported in hot temperature. She has demanded an explanation from the airline on the circumstances that led to the unfortunate event.

Most of her friends criticised the Thai national carrier over the incident and demanded justice for the singer.

Published : June 27, 2022