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SATURDAY, October 01, 2022
‘Clean’ Singapore under siege as sleazy massage parlours mushroom

‘Clean’ Singapore under siege as sleazy massage parlours mushroom

TUESDAY, May 24, 2016
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The last few years have seen a mushrooming of sleazy massage parlours across Singapore.

Foreign girls in tight-fitting clothes wave at any male passer-by in a bid to lure them into the shops. You’d have to be blind not to know what kind of services they provide behind the curtains.
I hope the police will take stern action against the offenders and send a clear message to all such operators.
They should stay out of areas frequented by families and children, and out of the Kampong Glam area – a Muslim heritage site where the Sultan Mosque is located.
If they wish to operate, they can confine themselves to Geylang.
Better still, authorities should terminate the operating licences and the employees’ work permits and withhold any more such licences. Landlords of the buildings involved should be held responsible if their tenants engage in such activities.
Only through a concerted effort by all stakeholders, regular enforcement and stiff punishment for offenders will we be able to stamp out such practices.
Patrick Tan Siong Kuan
(From the Straits Times/ANN)