Tue, August 16, 2022


Bumrungrad aims for smart healthcare, reinforcing robotic surgery, genetic testing

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Bumrungrad International Hospital is determined to be the leader in smart healthcare to provide holistic medical care to its patients, CEO pharmacist Artirat Charukitpipat said on Thursday at a press conference titled “Bumrungrad: shifting the future of healthcare”.

“As of 2022, Bumrungrad has been in operation for 42 years and we still hold true to our initial vision when Bumrungad was first established. That is, we thrive to be a Thai hospital which meets international safety standards to deliver healthcare services and the best treatment to every visitor. We do not solely aim to make profit, but we also take corporate social responsibility into account,” Artirat told the media.

She said the hospital is moving forward in response to the important global healthcare trend of Smart Healthcare 5.0.

“The hospital will always comply with international standards of safety while extending its services to provide long-term medical care.

“Regarding our future direction, Bumrungrad is devoted to improving quaternary care and expanding its centres of excellence to develop expertise in the treatment of every complex medical condition.

She said that its strengths lie in the “3Cs and 1W of quality care”, which are:

  1. Critical care using innovative medical technology and systematic management.
  2. Complicated care – expertise and experience in treating complex medical conditions in patients with multiple co-morbidities or with conditions that are difficult to diagnose.
  3. Collaboration of expertise – the hospital’s multidisciplinary teams of physicians and specialists collaborate to deliver medical care that yields the best results.
  4. Wellness and prevention – a major trend that delivers “customised innovative medical care”.

Artirat said Bumrungrad is internationally recognised for its medical care because of “our four long-held principles”: innovation, being an academic hospital, having a unique culture, and finding new business partners to meet the needs of clients.

Bumrungrad aims for smart healthcare, reinforcing robotic surgery, genetic testing

Chief medical officer Assoc Prof Dr Taveesin Tanprayoon said Bumrungrad will focus on two medical advancements in 2022: robotic surgery and genetic testing.

The hospital has adopted robotic-assisted surgery using the da Vinci surgical system to perform operations on multiple organ systems. It also provides comprehensive genomic and genetic testing to assess the risks of developing hereditary conditions as well as to actively prevent some.

Bumrungrad will reinforce both these medical trends to strengthen medical care and treatment.

Bumrungrad aims for smart healthcare, reinforcing robotic surgery, genetic testing

Published : February 24, 2022