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World-renowned health specialists reveal secrets of “Health Brings Wealth"

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A collaboration between four renowned co-authors, brought together by BDMS Wellness Clinic, has result in the highly anticipated book, “Health Brings Wealth”, which launches this month.

The book was written with the goal of educating people to live longer, healthier and happier by sharing decades of experience, advanced research, in-depth studies together with medical practice in their respective fields.The result is a book that is rich with useful advice and information as it is engaging.

Dispelling any myths, “Health Brings Wealth” hopes to give applicable advice based on scientific findings to put into daily practice in the long-term.

In this book, perspectives based on different medical fields are combined with discussion and how everyday choices can impact overall health systems.

Some key highlights from the co-authors and experts emphasise key advice based on their respective specialist areas and how these impact each health system.

World-renowned health specialists reveal secrets of “Health Brings Wealth"

Prof Jiří Dvořák’s mainly specialises in neurology and spinal injuries and conditions, sports medicine and lifestyle medicine that promotes a healthy lifestyle through research on the impact of exercise. He is an advocate of the prescribed 30-minute “exercise pill” and emphasises the importance of nutrition.

Prof Sergio Fazio is an expert on preventive cardiology. He discusses the importance of the cardiovascular system and the root causes of cardiovascular disease.

Adj Asst Prof Tanupol Virunhagarun is a regenerative doctor who focuses on lifestyle factors, centred around the core of lifestyle and anti-ageing medicine, in addition to chronic diseases, obesity-related diseases and causes.

Prof Keith L Black is a world-renowned neurosurgeon with a prolific body of work. His expertise on brain diseases and tumours will emphasise the important duty of the brain and how to optimise brain health and wellness as you age to prevent degenerating diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Perhaps the most important message to distill for readers is to form lifelong healthy habits that are realistic and simple enough to commit to in the long-term.

“We hope you will enjoy reading this book and benefit from the pearls of wisdom within. A long-term healthy lifestyle does not mean sacrificing all your favourite activities and foods — even small lifestyle changes can make an impact," as concluded in the preface by the co-authors.

"We would like readers to remember that it’s never too early or too late to start living a healthy lifestyle and appreciating how health brings purposeful wealth to life!”

World-renowned health specialists reveal secrets of “Health Brings Wealth"

The graphical and visually stunning 228-page book, “Health Brings Wealth”, will be in stores from mid-April 2022 at Asia Books Thailand, Save Drug at a price of THB990.

International distribution will be planned from April onwards with e-books available on Amazon.com worldwide.

Published : April 07, 2022