Thu, August 11, 2022


IFC supports Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi in public health expansion

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Executives from IFC, the sister organization of the World Bank Group, visited Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi to promote and support the public health expansion into secondary provinces in Thailand.

Mr. Makhtar Diop - the Managing Director of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Mr. Alfonso Garcia Mora - the Regional Vice President of the IFC for East Asia and Pacific, visited Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi and received the warmest welcome from the company's executives, namely Mr. John Lee Koshun, Board Chairman of Principal Capital Pub Co., Ltd., and Dr. Satit Viddayakorn, Managing Director of Principal Capital, together with company executives and the healthcare workers.

IFC supports Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi in public health expansion

IFC Managing Director Makhtar Diop at this occasion announced IFC’s willingness to support Principal Capital’s healthcare network’s plan to expand and improve the quality of public health and make healthcare more accessible to the Thai people in the secondary provinces’ per the company’s target.

Mr. Tanee Maneenut, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Principal Capital (PRINC) revealed the company’s 2023 plan to expand the hospital network to 20 hospitals, Klai Baan Klai Jai Clinic, a primary care clinic network to 40 clinics, alongside the plan to become a sustainable health network.

He also emphasized the company’s willingness to work with local investors that have the capability to expand the health network together with PRINC towards the common goal of improving Thai public health.

IFC supports Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi in public health expansion


About IFC

The institution has made an investment as a partner in Principal Capital Public Co., Ltd. or PRINC since 2019. PRINC is the first private hospital network in Thailand that IFC has invested in. IFC is a financial institution under the World Bank Group which provides financial and management support to organizations in the private sector, especially in emerging markets. This is in line in order to achieve sustainable developments. This is aligned with the organization's vision, goal, and code of conduct of PRINC’s healthcare network, that is to become an organization that creates people that are “givers”, and to enhance access to healthcare for people in the area of secondary provinces in Thailand.

About Principal Healthcare Group (PRINC)

Principal Healthcare is a healthcare management company operated under a Principal Capital Group or PRINC which is the fastest growing healthcare provider in Thailand and ASEAN. Found in 2017, the company’s mission is being a corporation that attracts and nurtures people with compassion, in order to provide care to our customers, the community and society, which is not only focus on the healthcare services but also extend assistance to the surrounding community to grow together with the company. With emphasis on digitalization and efficiency for highest client’s satisfaction, the company is staffed with highly experienced & highly qualified medical and healthcare practitioners, enabled by state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical/surgical equipment and provide our patients with safety care, effectively meaningful healthcare environment.

For further information on the Principal Healthcare, please visit

Published : May 18, 2022