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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
Go for 2 vaccine doses per year: Chulabhorn Royal Academy

Go for 2 vaccine doses per year: Chulabhorn Royal Academy

THURSDAY, July 07, 2022

People should receive two Covid-19 vaccine shots per year in the current situation, Chulabhorn Royal Academy said.

Academy secretary-general Dr Nithi Mahanonda made the statement in a Facebook post on Thursday after being asked by “a lot of people”.

He explained that at first Covid-19 had spread heavily and the situation could not be predicted. However, people now know more about the disease and the rate at which it would spread.

In cold countries Covid infections escalate during winter, he pointed out, while in Thailand it spreads largely between the rainy and cool/cold seasons.

Covid could also spread for the second time in a year, which is likely after schools reopen for a new semester, Nithi noted.

He said everyone needs to receive vaccine doses at regular intervals to effectively combat severity of the disease and death.

Therefore, he suggested, people should go in for two vaccine doses per year at six-month intervals. This could be reduced to once per year if new vaccines prove to be more effective and mutations slow down.

The first dose should preferably be administered from the middle of July to mid-September and the second from the middle of January to mid-March, Nithi recommended.

People who have been recently infected can wait 1-2 months before getting a vaccine dose, he added.