Tue, August 16, 2022


Huawei eyes other Thai hospitals after its ‘smart’ tech wins at Siriraj

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Chinese tech giant Huawei is planning to expand its 5G smart hospital project to other hospitals after its initial project in Siriraj Hospital achieved success.

The project, which kicked off in Siriraj Hospital as a pilot project, applies 5G, cloud and AI technology in the treatment and diagnosis of patients. It also includes a 5G ambulance.

Huawei’s 5G Joint Innovation Lab at Siriraj Hospital aims to study and develop the 5G, blockchain, and AI adaptation for the medical field. The company plans to offer this technology to other hospitals in Thailand this year.

Apart from specialist training for medical personnel, this project also brings together officials from Huawei, the hospital and Thai start-ups, who can look into how the medical industry can be improved.

Huawei has also expressed interest in expanding its 5G network to cover medical institutions in other Asean countries.

The Covid-influenced lockdowns, quarantines and health protocol have created a new normal, in which people are more reliant on the digital economy. In response to this, the Thai government turned to China for help in developing 5G technology.

Apart from its venture into the medical field, Huawei is also planning to build a digital ecosystem that includes a smart city, transportation, energy and education in Thailand.

Published : March 27, 2022